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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a movie star!!

and by star, I mean you might see me flash by the camera for about half a micro-secound!
Through the bike shop grape vine I heard about an opportunity to make a little money for once!
The new lifetime movie "Bond of Silence" was in Victoria and they were looking for cyclists to stage a bike race scene. They were offering a days worth of free food and a little cash so I decided to check it out.
It ended up being a pretty fun day, lots of familiar faces from around the biking community. The work was simple enough, they just had us riding our bikes around getting shots of group riding and a "finishing sprint". Of course they chose the one rainy day in the middle of our sunny streak, but it actually worked out pretty well for them since it was supposed to be December in California!
Overall it was an interesting experience to see the movies from the other side of the screen. Lots of hard work goes into making even the smallest scene. The crew is impressive to watch, turning downtown Vic in summer to a Christmas scene in California in a couple hours!

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