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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Cannondale...

I know we've been on shaky ground lately. I know I messed up when I jammed your chain and I know you hurting.
Every relationship goes through it's hard parts and this is our first fight so I think we can get back to a good place.
We might have to work out some issues, it might take us a little time but I know we love eachother and we have many wonderful miles ahead of us.
That being said, I would also like to apologize for taking you out in the rain today, I swear it wasn't my fault. You know how Look is, every time she gets a little sick she takes FOREVER to heal and she won't leave the house even if she's a little under the weather. Look's not as nimble as she used to be. She's getting a little long in the tooth, and her old bones are a little brittle on the cold rides.
Your not like that though, your always so dependable. Rain or shine I know I can alway count on you for a great ride. Your so young and full of energy I know I can count on you to leap at even the hardest challenge.
For the sake of our relationship I feel I need to be honest with you though. I did not think the two flat tires today were called for. I am trying to work on our relationship. I took you to the doctor to get you a check up, and to the spa for a full body treatment; everything a girl could ask for. Then you do a thing like that. I felt it was very underhanded and undermined my efforts to carry on with our time together. I hope you get get past this grudge you are holding against me and we can get back to that beutiful place we once were.
With love,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun People, Fun Workouts...

The PT team got together for a training ride yesterday and all the regular insanity ensued. Every time we have a group workout I am reminded how happy I am to have such a fantastic group of guys to train with.
A hard workout goes by in no time when you have friends to joke around with and push you to preform at your best.
Here are some photos from the trainer ride...

Kamal has trouble staying on his bike sometimes...

Leif got the spot right next to the fan.. Lucky!

Noa has to put up with us...Deep down shes laughing to...

Don't ask...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New life goal..

I have always wanted to be the guy that manages to get a whole bar room involved in a spontaneous, but somehow perfectly choreographed sing/dance routine.
The highlight of my life so far has been being on a plane when someone else got the whole plane to sing along to "I'm leaving on a jet plane"
But I would like to thank Derek for posting this on his Facebook and bringing my dream to a whole new level!

I must make this happen! (animated bird included). I wonder if Noa can work rehearsal and bird training time in to my training schedule!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Separating body and mind...

So I always thought that this was pretty common but all my fellow PT trainers looked at me like I was crazy yesterday...

Whether it is in training or during a race I always feel there is a separation of my body and mind. Sometimes they work together sometimes they don't, but there is always a distinct separation in my mind.

To clarify I don't mean that I actually have two distinct voices telling me what to do, because that is call schizophrenia and that would be really bad...

I am more referring to that voice that pops up in the middle of a long swim, or the first couple steps off the bike in a tri. The voice that reminds you how easy it would be to just stop and let you muscle rest, that points out how much the acid is burning your legs and tries to tell you that only crazy people do this silly endurance racing thing.

But then there is the other voice that urges you to keep going, that says "Its not that bad, you can push harder," "remember all that training, this is when it pays off," or my personal favorite "Stop whining, you can rest when you get to the finish!"

Anybody that knows the pain of pushing through a hard workout, or finding that last bit of power for a sprint finish, has had moments where they ask themselves "why am I doing this?"

I have had many workouts where something in me just isn't there, the drive to carry on just doesn't come through, and I ask myself "is this really what I call fun?". But then I remember the days where body and mind are in total sync; when all the voices are quiet and the universe comes into line, when everything feels smooth and effortless. Those rare and wonderful moments where time stands still and distance flies by.

So the next time I ask myself "why am I DOING this," I will know it is for those undefinable, perfect moments where body and mind become one and the world becomes my playground.

Friday, January 8, 2010

On a side note... Cool!

Quote of the week...

If at first you don't succeed.... Sky diving is not for you...
-anonymous guy in bar
I was probably laughing for about ten minutes after I heard this... No context just a random blurt over heard that I thought I would share

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running fun...

So for those of you that don't know me, one of my major passions is developing and supporting active lifestyle programs, mainly for young children, but I love working with all age groups.
For the last week I have been working on getting back in to running after my shin flared up and I took it easy over the christmas break. Trying to keep it light but still work up the time a big, I have been running on the treadmills at crystal after morning swims.
After all the elite tri groups clear out and the lanes are changed over a flood of elderly people seem to come from no where and fill the pool with water aerobics and the aquatic version of knitting circles gabbing away!
I love seeing a whole mix of ages, abilities, and body types coming together and just enjoying being active. Whether it is dancing to YMCA like a high school dance gone wrong or walking back and forth sharing the local gossip with the ladies, everyone just looks like they are having a fantastic time!
Activity should be a life time pursuit of healthy living and getting the most out of your time. To all the people getting healthy with their friends a crystal pool in the morning I thank you for giving my some great entertainment on my long treadmill runs!