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Monday, November 30, 2009

Best weekend ever!

My mind was so epically blown it took me this long to feel up to a blog!
It all started on Saturday with a strong PT showing at Gunner Shaw. I don't know what I have been doing with my life up to now, but that race has changed my world! The definition of epic cross country running with logs lying in the trail, flowing water on all the hills (and there were a LOT of hills!!), and waist deep puddles that froze the legs and weighed down the shoes. All that topped off with a sprint finish IN thetis lake. Myke and I decided that they should change the race description to a 9.9 km run with a 100m swim.
I was really happy with the race overall, and Myke, Leif and I all finished close to each other. Just goes to show that the training is working!
Saturday night was filled with a short recovery ride and then team CHRISTMAS party! I don't know about you guys but I love Christmas! Food, Friends and Fun. Most of the team came out and we ate ourselves into holiday comas. Sharing stories and hearing about everyones season was nice, as it is not always easy to get everyone in one place during the season.
The weekend could have ended there and I would have been one happy boy, but it just kept getting better!
Sunday came and instead of the forecast torrential downpour I awoke to SUN beautiful SUN. A 3.5 hr ride up the Malahat and the sun shone the entire time. Not even a flat tire and the wrong size spare could take the smile off my face.
Such an amazing start to the week!

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