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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Cannondale...

I know we've been on shaky ground lately. I know I messed up when I jammed your chain and I know you hurting.
Every relationship goes through it's hard parts and this is our first fight so I think we can get back to a good place.
We might have to work out some issues, it might take us a little time but I know we love eachother and we have many wonderful miles ahead of us.
That being said, I would also like to apologize for taking you out in the rain today, I swear it wasn't my fault. You know how Look is, every time she gets a little sick she takes FOREVER to heal and she won't leave the house even if she's a little under the weather. Look's not as nimble as she used to be. She's getting a little long in the tooth, and her old bones are a little brittle on the cold rides.
Your not like that though, your always so dependable. Rain or shine I know I can alway count on you for a great ride. Your so young and full of energy I know I can count on you to leap at even the hardest challenge.
For the sake of our relationship I feel I need to be honest with you though. I did not think the two flat tires today were called for. I am trying to work on our relationship. I took you to the doctor to get you a check up, and to the spa for a full body treatment; everything a girl could ask for. Then you do a thing like that. I felt it was very underhanded and undermined my efforts to carry on with our time together. I hope you get get past this grudge you are holding against me and we can get back to that beutiful place we once were.
With love,

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