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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running fun...

So for those of you that don't know me, one of my major passions is developing and supporting active lifestyle programs, mainly for young children, but I love working with all age groups.
For the last week I have been working on getting back in to running after my shin flared up and I took it easy over the christmas break. Trying to keep it light but still work up the time a big, I have been running on the treadmills at crystal after morning swims.
After all the elite tri groups clear out and the lanes are changed over a flood of elderly people seem to come from no where and fill the pool with water aerobics and the aquatic version of knitting circles gabbing away!
I love seeing a whole mix of ages, abilities, and body types coming together and just enjoying being active. Whether it is dancing to YMCA like a high school dance gone wrong or walking back and forth sharing the local gossip with the ladies, everyone just looks like they are having a fantastic time!
Activity should be a life time pursuit of healthy living and getting the most out of your time. To all the people getting healthy with their friends a crystal pool in the morning I thank you for giving my some great entertainment on my long treadmill runs!

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