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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tucson the beginning...

Arriving in Tucson was an experience, no matter how many times I come down to the states I seem for forget how BIG everything is.
The first hit was flying into Phoenix over the endless miles of suburban sprawl and the rental car mall that was bigger than the Victoria airport!
Kamal, Derek, and I go, what I am calling, the texas upgrade on our car. The garage attendant did a double look between our bike boxes and the little Kia they were going to give us, disappeared for ten minutes and came back with a full sized EXPEDITION. I was honestly the most ridiculously oversized monstrosity I have ever seen. I hurt my sole a little to drive it, but we were able to fit three bikes, three bags, and three people in and still have room for Derek to lie down and sleep during the drive.
Our house turned out to be pretty sweet! Pool table, big kitchen, comfy living area, now if they could just bring us beds...
There were a few key Items missing when we arrived (beds, pots, toilet paper) but they all got taken care of and it has been pretty great. They even brought us a magic bullet to make smoothies!
Sponsor Please!!
The work out have been goood so far. It all started with an easy bike to get things going just a light 70 min. Then we jumped right into it with a 2 hr. bike with 4 x 15min high zone 3 low zone four (ie. HARD), 3 min easy.
Bikes are fun!
This morning wasn't much easier with a 5km swim MS 6 x ( 3 x 200 building 1-3) alternating FS, Paddles and pull. All this in a 25 yard pool, LOTS of flip turns.
Where's the sun?
This afternoon hold a 2.5 hr bike in the wind storm, should be super!
Two days in and already SORE, its going to be a great week :)

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